Kenny Miles is a songwriter, record producer, mix engineer, and musician from Whitesburg, KY. He has produced, recorded, and mixed several records for fellow artists and friends.

From an early age, Kenny developed a habit of donning a pair of headphones, closing his eyes and allowing himself to be carried away to wherever a record would take him. He wants to create music people can travel on. He wants to capture every song as the unique thing it is.

Kenny has worked with 49 Winchester, Vincent Neil Emerson, Senora May, Laid Back Country Picker, Luna and the Mountain Jets, Sean Whiting, Tenure, Slut Pill, Grayson Jenkins, Pierceton Hobbs, Tyler Childers, Appalachiatari, Paul Handelman, Dennis & the Ponies, and many more.

If you or someone you love would like to work with Kenny, please fill out the short questionnaire. Kenny will be in touch shortly.